Great brochure design starts in our head. (via Why we need good graphic design)

The G3 Creative team have been designing brochures of all shapes and sizes for over 15 years. Satisfying numerous clients from not only Scotland but all around the UK, Europe and the United States. G3 Creative Solutions can produce your brochure in most languages and offer a full translation service.

Whether you want a brochure to sell your latest products or services, advertise upcoming events or give information to enhance a tourist’s visit to your area the concept remains the same- it must be appealing to it’s intended market. It must inspire that person to want to investigate the brochure further, to physically pick it up and examine it.

No matter what you have in mind- it must be visually appealing, intuitive to follow and contain the relevant content that you want your audience to obtain. We will consider first impressions, content, colour scheme, pictures and the best size & design to suit your delivery; whether for use in a mail out, to pack out busy visitor stands or as a general introduction to your company.

At G3 Creative Solutions we have the experience to create the right brochure for your specific needs and to understand what your audience might be attracted to.

Great brochure design starts in our head. Both website and printed brochures work well together and are proven to increase sales in a tough market place. The printed brochure is a fundamental communications tool in marketing and designed properly can speak volumes about your business, services and professionalism. Brochures designed directly by printers and not graphic designers, bad digital photography and poorly written copy are a few reasons why businesses get this wrong. At G3 Creati … Read More

via Why we need good graphic design


About G3 Creative Solutions

Senior graphic designer with Glasgow graphic design agency, G3 Creative Solutions, Scotland. Specialists in logo design, brochure design and logo design.
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