Graphic design by G3 Creative

It is good design that makes all the difference
In business, good design isn’t a luxury. It’s an absolute necessity whatever business you’re in, the right company image is vital if your business is to develop, grow and reach its full potential.

A company logo is usually the first thing a potential customer sees and identifies with. At G3 Creative we design and create superior quality corporate identities which will not only raise the visibility of
your company and add a professional look to your business, but will make it stand out ahead of the competition. Our aim is to help businesses of all sizes get their message across with professional,
high-quality, cost-effective, creative graphic design.
The G3 Creative team believe that design is not mere decoration, but a means of achieving a predetermined
purpose. It can influence the way people behave, encourage understanding, change the way they perceive your business, your products and services. That’s why we will go right back to the drawing
board to make sure that all our graphic design makes a difference to your business.
We also feel colour plays a big part in brand recognition but should not be an integral component to the logo design, which would conflict with its functionality, for instance certain colours can convey different emotions and that is why colour it is very useful for linking certain types of products with a brand e.g. look at the way we have used cool colours in the logo designed for Alpine Bikes.

You can see a few samples of corporate identity designed by the G3 Creative team by visiting our website
Branding by G3 Creative G3 Creative
Client: Norfolk Tourism
Brief: To create a brand image for Norfolk and promote it as a holiday destination
through direct mail and advertising.
The initial campaign produced over £1 million of business for the county.
Client: RFM
Brief: As RFM had progressed and new products developed, its identity d
had become old fashioned and fragmented. A fresh identity with a contemporary
edge was required and in October 06 a new idenity was born. RESEARCH•MARKETING•BRANDS•SALES•TRAINING
Client: WDC
Brief: West Dunbartonshire Council decided it was time to regenerate
the towns of Dumbarton & Alexandria and through West Dumbarton Town Centres
Initiative asked G3 Creative to design logo’s for both towns that would be placed on all promotional materials and signs.

Brochure, leaflet and logo design by G3 Creative


About G3 Creative Solutions

Senior graphic designer with Glasgow graphic design agency, G3 Creative Solutions, Scotland. Specialists in logo design, brochure design and logo design.
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